Text 7 Aug How to Achieve Fame As a Standup Comedian?

Young stand up comedians are mostly eager about performing in clubs. They know the importance of writing fresh and unique comedy content regularly. They also mostly practice their act to make sure that they perform well. However, this is not all required for a successful career in stand up comedy. Apart from your comedy skills, you also require good business skills to excel in comedy as a career and business. Being a funny person surely helps and is not necessarily all required to be in the spotlight. You need something more as well to make you shine and to get more offers for performing your acts. 

The ultimate goal of stand up comedians is to do more shows in different clubs because the more they will perform, the more they will become popular among the masses. Doing more comedy acts also helps the comedians to improvise their skills and learn from their experiences. On the other hand, the club owners are generally interested in hiring comedians, which are in the spotlight. They have to attract maximum customers to keep their clubs running. Recognizing new talent and giving them a chance to prove themselves is not that valuable for them, as it involves a risk factor.

This is where the business skills of a stand up comedian come in handy. If you attract people to a particular comedy club, your worth immediately increases in front of the club owners. You can do this by making use of social media to connect to friends, family, and fans. Once the club owners know that you actually provide them a good audience, they will definitely ask you for more shows and performances.  

Comedians usually focus on being funny and think that it is all they need to become successful. This is not true every time. There are comedians, who are absolutely hilarious but they actually never make it to become a headline comedian. This is because they lack a good business sense. You have to possess business skills in addition to the creativity skills to combat the tough competition in this field.

Therefore, make contacts with friends and family. You may upload stand up comedy videos of your laughter packed performances. Build a campaign of social media to attract maximum number of people. Make people aware of your shows by advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and various blogs. You must create a buzz for your comedy acts so that more people come to that club and you can get the opportunity to make them burst into laughter. Once you have invited plenty of people, give a mind-blowing performance so that next time, they come again with their friends and family too. 


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This is another exciting collection of best of Barack Obama’s stand up comedy jokes available on Google Play. Its offers a number of features like saving the sounds to favorites, setting them as ringtone, etc.


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Another amazing application available for free at Google Play is the Stand Up Comedy Compilation. It allows you to watch funny stand up comedy videos on your mobile or tablet for free. It encompasses the best comedy videos from the renowned stand up comedians of USA. You simply need to launch this application on you mobile or tablet and pick the video from 100 hilarious videos available there. New content is periodically added here to ensure that you always get fresh stuff to watch.

Text 29 Apr Improve Stand up Comedy Performance with Rehearsal

Performance improvement is really important if it’s about stand up comedy. The biggest mistake any performer can commit is to perform without prior practice or rehearsal.  This has literally happened many times. A common individual coming to watch a show would never expect such a blunder but there are many performers, who have ruined their acts without rehearsing. Your performance does not demand extensive rehearsal but standing in front of the mirror and performing your act once can bring a big change in your performance.

Here are some performance improvement guidelines for all stand up comedians:

  • Until you have full grip on your material and you always get frequent laughs from your audience, you must practice and rehearse daily.
  • Do practice your act loudly just like you are performing in front of your audience. Use your voice, body language, and tone perfectly to perform like you will actually perform on stage.
  • There are some techniques of rehearing your act. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and keep looking ahead, as if you are a making eye contact with your audience. This is a natural posture of rehearsing that can add confidence. It means that you are simply connecting your posture of confidence with your performance. Once you will perform, your audience will notice this confidence too and it will actually make your performance better.
  • Professional stand up comedians have their own way of rehearsing. They use their material for comedy in the everyday conversations without making people notice that they are rehearsing. It’s a useful way of getting prepared for the act by performing it in front of some audience. If they find it funny, they will laugh and you will get a silent feedback too.

If you will tell people that you are rehearsing just to test the part of your stand up comedy act, then they will be on guard and will look for punch lines.  They won’t laugh even if you will be done with the act.  Don’t ever tell them if you want good feedback.

Delivering the act is also an art. If you are not good at delivery but best at memorizing the material, then search for some useful stand up comedy videos. Observing the way professional comedians perform can help you in improving your own performance. It is easy to find the stand up comedy videos available online. Just get started with your performance improvement regime today.


Stand up comedy is one of the great forms of art, which has become quite popular in the past few years. The people, who go and watch a stand up comedy show or a stand up comedy video online, may not realize the efforts and hard work it takes for the stand up comedians to perform in front of the audience and to give an effortless performance. It is not easy and requires a lot of guts to go out there on the stage and entertain those numerous people sitting in front of you. It takes efforts to gather and write content and prepare for the performance. It is one of the scariest things to do, as it is very difficult to perform live. You get instant response from the audience and have to act accordingly.

For a performance to be a success, it must appear effortless. The reality is that a stand up comedian has to work very hard and struggle to reach there. It takes courage to get there and to face the crowd. You immediately know whether your act is a success or is not doing well. You have to take charge and handle the situation. It requires presence of mind and spontaneity. You can expect almost anything, as you never know how the audience will respond. Even if there is not much appreciated response from the audience, you have to stay there and try not to lose the game till the last minute of your performance. You have to be daring and accept the challenge of pleasing the audience.

 The key to effective comedy is all about being creative and unique. You should have the ability of talking about the world in the most humorous way. You should have a comedian’s eye to grasp any funny element in any event occurring around you. You need to be able to create that perfect twist. It is important that the stories you tell must not be very far from the factual truth otherwise they become hard to believe. They might not always be true but should be good enough to be believed and to create a stronger impact. 

It is required to let go your fear and just do your best. Practice more and more to make sure that you project your best abilities to get the crowd roaring into crazy laughter. If you have passion and are willing to put in all your efforts in your performances, you will surely excel in stand up comedy. Just ensure to get over with your fears and insecurities, and boost your self-confidence. 

Text 6 Mar Comedy Videos – A Necessity of Life

It is not easy at all to be funny and to make others laugh. Imagine how the stand up comedians put efforts to make others laugh by being there on the stage alone. These comedians have to deal with the mood of all those, who are watching the show. It does not matter if you do not have enough money to watch the stand up comedy shows live. You can find the comedy videos online widely. Whatever category you wish to watch, you can find them with ease.

Some people think that these comedy videos are not meant for kids but that is not the case. You are going to find the comedy videos for kids too. Therefore, if you wish to mend the bond with your son, daughter, brother, or even with sister, you can watch the videos online to laugh together.

Believe it or not, laughter is the best medicine. You might be depressed with your life’s status and wish to run away to find a place where everything can happen according to your desire. Sadly, this is not possible at all. You will have to live in this depressing situation till things get better for you. However, there is only one way to feel better and that is to laugh. Studies have proven that laughter can decrease stress and depression and can make your mind and body go in a calm mode to make you feel burden free. There are lots of people, who wish to get such a feeling but the daily grind does not allow them to do so.

If you can just give a day or even few hours to watch the stand up comedy videos, then the joy and laughter that these videos are going to bring in your life can make you stress free. You will experience a difference for sure. Even if it is for few hours, you will go to sleep happily so it is preferable to watch them at night.

These videos if watched with some loved one or friends then this can make your happiness double. With this approach, you will offer an opportunity to others to enjoy happiness. Thus, in simple words, change of situation is in your hands. Hence, download some comedy videos now and change your mood. It can be the best therapy that you might be missing in your life now.  

Text 23 Jan Writing down your jokes

Well of course you write down your jokes, that is how you are coming up with new material.  The key though is to remember, what is funny on the page is not necessarily going to get laughs on stage and sometimes a well delivered joke on stage doesn’t come across as funny at all when read in black and white on the page.

So how do you write down your jokes?  My advice in respect of writing your material is to do what works best for you.  You may want to do what most stand up comedians do, which is to write their material in the way they would present it.  They will phrase it and use language that they will use on stage, not necessarily in a way they would write in normal life.  Have in your mind as you write, how the joke will be delivered.  If you are writing material for yourself, you will know your own style and how you will use emphasis to bring out the humor of the joke.  If you are writing for someone else, get to know their style and think through how your material will work for them.  Even the funniest material won’t work if it doesn’t fit with the style of that performer.

Especially if you are a comedy writer and not actually performing the material yourself, you may be eager to always take the credit for the laughs.  After all, if it got a laugh, they must be laughing at your jokes right?   You will have to learn to appreciate that sometimes a relatively humorless joke can be made hilarious by the delivery of the comedian.  As a writer, you will need to work with this.  For example, an audience might respond to the physical reaction or emotion of the comedian during the routine and not necessarily be laughing at the material.   If this works, don’t knock it, just roll with it.  The point of a stand up is to make the audience laugh, so whether it’s the material or the way it’s delivered, if it got a laugh, it worked!

Text 21 Nov Not always just clowning around

We might be forgiven for thinking that stand up comedy is a relatively new artform.  However, particularly if you watch some of the more physical stand up comedians such as Jim Carrey, you will easily see how the art of clowning around to elicit laughter from an audience gradually evolved into the current form of stand up comedy.

I have covered in this blog before how court jesters would often not only fill the royal courts with laughter, but how they could even mock and make fun of royalty.  This might be a little surprising, that royalty had such a sense of humor that they allowed themselves to be mocked in order to make sure their courts were entertained. 

Even more surprising however, is that there is evidence that court jesters were so well respected in the court that they could even influence royalty in decision making.  In China, it is thought that the court jester Yu Sze managed to persuade the emperor that it would not be a good idea to paint the Great Wall of China.  This decision is credited with saving thousands of lives.  Not perhaps an outcome you would expect from a jester brought in just to entertain. 

This again brings us back to the modern stand up.  I’ve talked about how some use the physical humor that is a familiar element of the style of the jester or clown, the example of the court jester Yu Sze shows how sometimes humor can be used to raise awareness or influence opinion on serious matters.  Today, there are many examples of stand up comedians who cover serious topics in their routines designed to raise awareness of current issues or global situations.  Though their primary purpose is to entertain and make the audience laugh, some will also admit that they are extremely satisfied if they have helped the audience think more about some of the serious issues they include in their material.

Making people laugh is not as easy as it looks, but doing so in a way that can influence decisions or at least make people think, is an incredible skill, I’m sure you agree.

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